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How this $69 Incredible Invention saved my family and I from Summer Heat Everywhere We Go


“This New ‘Summer Heat Busting’ Wearable AC Device Takes United States by Storm”

This New Device is The Ultimate Way To Stay Cool During Hot Days. Owning This New Device Is Like Having a Personal AC When You’re INDOORS AND OUTDOORS.

Have you ever felt the intense need to cool down from the overwhelming heat and humidity?

In the pleasant summer days, I like outdoor activities such as planting flowers in my backyard, strolling with my wife in the parks, enjoying the natural environment with birds, animals, and fresh air.

However, I’m afraid of high temperature. In my hometown, the weather of 100℉ (38℃) happens often. Outdoors, even under 85℉, I will be sweating a lot; inside my home, I don’t feel well either because my wife often keeps the air conditioner at relatively high temperature, thus feeling as hot as in a sauna.

A few days ago, when I was chatting with my elder brother who’s an aerospace engineer, he saw me in a hot sweat and so gave me a small device, putting it on my neck and saying it can cool me down.

At first, I doubted whether the gadget can work, but I respected my brother’s opinion (after all, he is a rocket scientist.)

To my surprise, after wearing the gadget for a few hours, I had no sweat, feeling very comfortable! Even my wife felt cool from my body. With better breathing, I felt my seasonal allergy symptoms also relieved in fact.

What Are We Talking About?

It’s called Blaux Wearable AC, It is a small AC unit that can be worn comfortably around the neck. This device provides a steady, cool environment that can be enjoyed by the wearer.

The BLAUX personal wearable AC is ideal for getting relief from the oppressive heat in warmer climates, especially during the summer season.

If you live in a warm climate, then you know exactly how important it can be to stay cool during hot days!

Unlike traditional fans and AC units, the BLAUX personal wearable AC can travel with you wherever you go. This is because it is battery-operated and does not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet while in use.

You can wear the Blaux Wearable AC unit anywhere and enjoy the ice-cold air it provides anywhere you go.

How does BLAUX Wearable AC work?

Blaux Wearable AC is a black technology from Germany, the ultimate result of many years of development by a group of elite engineers. These engineers are frustrated by the heat and discomfort in summer, so they want a simple and portable solution that can be carried around.

After a lot of trials with errors and failed archetypes, engineers brought Blaux Wearable AC into the world. The news about this breakthrough invention started to spread everywhere, and now people all over the United States are talking about it.

Blaux Wearable AC works by using a combination of thermal electric cooling, back cooling vents, positionable airflow, and an ionizer fan chamber (plus build-in filters) to effectively cool down your body and purify the air you’re breathing.

Easy to use:

You simply have to position the device around your neck like a necklace, and then turn it on.

Adjust the fan speed and air flow with press of a button

Stay cool during the long hot days of summer!

“Putting on Blaux AC feels like walking into a well air-conditioned room from the sweltering outdoor space”

Why Blaux Wearable AC Is So Revolutionary?

✅ Easy to Wear and Super Comfortable

Imagine that wherever you are, you can get rid of the sultry weather and feel cool and comfortable! Blaux Wearable AC can be activated at any time, keeping you cool and keeping you feeling like that when you keep using it. It has a 5-degree flex fit for all neck sizes. The device can fit into men’s, women’s, and even kids’ neck.

✅ Compact and Portable

Blaux Wearable AC can be used whenever you need it. You can put the device in a bag or carry around it; you can take it with you on any vacation, business trip, or even in the office. Wherever you are, you can stay cool and cozy. It lasts up to 30 hours of power per charge. You can charge it overnight and start wearing it the next day. It keeps you really cool for the whole day.

✅ Protects Against Pollen, Dust, and Pollutants

This ground-breaking Wearable AC moves a massive amount of air with a rating of 1.9 CFM+ (Cubic Feet Per Minute) and does not just produce cool air, it also filters the air around you, effectively reducing the pollen, dust, and pollutant you may encounter. Blaux Wearable AC provides you with extra protection when you need it.

✅ Easy To Use

The problem we often encounter with many modern gadgets is that they can be inconvenient to use, especially the first time they are used. But with Blaux Wearable AC, just pressing the button, it can help you withstand the heat in summer. Just put it on your neck and press the button to enjoy!

“Blaux AC keeps you cool and comfortable wherever you go.”

Who Can Benefit From Blaux Wearable AC?

The answer is simple! ANYONE!

Blaux Wearable AC cools and purifies the air around you while wearing around your neck. This lightweight, compact personal air conditioning unit plugs into USB type C port providing fresh, cool, comforting air indoors as well as outdoors.

Are you working in an office and it is really hot inside there? Are you having a walk in the park but you can’t really enjoy it because of the high temperature? Now you can!

Watching TV, reading, working in the garage, sitting on the patio, camping, or boating, Blaux Wearable AC easily goes anywhere with you.

Cutting Edge Features of Blaux Wearable AC

✅ A special cooling contact plate. It removes heat with a thermal transfer against your skin. It has an LED activity light.

✅ Built in IONIZER to remove potentially dangerous particulate matter from the air you breathe.

 ✅ Produces millions of negative ions.

✅ Moves a Massive Amount of Air with 1.9 CFM+ Rating (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

✅ Positionable air flow

✅ One Size Fits All. Works for Men, Women, and even Children.

✅ 3 Fan Speed Modes. Adjust for Maximum Comfort.

✅ Easy USB-C charging with 30 Hours Runtime per Charge.

✅ Easy to Clean and Care For

Questions and Answers about Blaux Wearable AC

Q: What types of batteries does it take?

The Blaux Wearable AC contains a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is conveniently powered using a standard USB cable. No need to worry about stocking up on batteries. Charge it overnight and you’re ready to wear it all the next day.

Q: Does the device feel warm on my neck?

No, because the Blaux Wearable AC blows clean, filtered air around you, it effectively whisks away heat. You’ll enjoy the cooling sensation the Blaux Wearable AC provides on a hot day.

Q: Is there any professional assistance required?

In order to use Blaux Wearable AC no professional assistance is required. It’s as easy as placing it around your neck and pushing a button!

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes!
You can simply buy the wearable AC and wear it anywhere you want. Then you can stay cool all day and all night! It truly is a wonderful invention, and it can improve life for millions of people around the world! Once you get your Blaux Wearable AC, you will not have to suffer endlessly through those long hot summer days and nights. You will also not have to invest a large amount of money in central air or a variety of fans.

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How To Get Your Very Own Blaux Wearable AC?

If it’s still in stock, here is how to get your device:

1) Order Blaux Wearable AC from the official website.

2) Enjoy what a difference Blaux Wearable AC makes for your pain!

It’s That Simple!

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